How to carry on with life as a singleton when you’re at the threshold of a breakup?

Let me sum it up;

You let yourself grieve, keep a diary or blog to reconnect with yourself, lean on close friends for support and cut off toxic friendships, reinvent yourself (like I did in December 2005 when I joined the gym and went bald), make some new friends, get to know yourself better, be clear of your desires and what you want in life, go on soul-searching trips, dare to be alone, and last but not least, find closure.

By changing your perspective, it will offer you an opportunity to evolve as a person and open new doors that you never thought existed or would ever open and you’ll start seeing life differently and mature in the process.

“Stand tall when you stumble, Stay proud when you’re humbled, The lessons you learn won’t be the ones that you plan, Every step up that mountain will be more than worth counting, And when you walk through the valley, may you walk like a man. ” – Bon Jovi