Confess. I think all relationships should practice it.

How? Well, create a “confession booth”, ideally in a setting away from home, a place where you share common interest, be it bar, park, beach etc. It’s a¬†colossal¬†act that can bolster a relationship’s foundation. Obviously, you need to come to an agreement that whatever’s shared during confession, is not to be exploited to lay judgment.

Imagine a place where you get lost in each other’s companionship, oblivious to time as the world fades into the background, and you confide your fears, dreams, secrets, fetishes, love and everything, lightening your baggage through your willing partner.

It’s also a perfect litmus test for relationships to determine whether it’s everything worth fighting for. Confessions can strengthen a relationship’s bond as both of you become thick as thieves.

A soulful and uplifting experience, I must confess.