I love kuihs. Always been a sucker for them, especially kuihs ladened with coconut. Kuih Kaswi (Kosui), Pulut Inti, Buah Melaka (Onde Onde), Lepat Pisang and Kuih Dadar. Thanks to my not-too-distant Peranakan relations of Gajah Berang Melaka, 2 generations ago.

My mom easily makes these kuihs whenever she feels like it, and of course, me being the faithful son that I am, always gobble it up like there’s no tomorrow. Authentic pastries like these are hard to find these days.

What’s your favorite nyonya/traditional kuih? Or you only like your scummy durians? :-P

I love dodol and wajit too.


Onde Onde



Kuih Dadar

Lepat Pisang