2013 commenced with hybridized feelings, jubilant with a decision I made but wistful because it overwhelmed my loved ones especially my mom (so I thought). I’m sure you all know by now that I got a divorce. No, don’t feel sorry, and I’m sure the other party would agree too, that it was the best for the both of us.

I reveled in my new career for the first 10 months of the year until November delivered a personal major misfortune that has impeded my ambitions for 2014. Someone I love dearly has suffered a colossal “clock-ticking” blow to the health. I’m still finding it tough accepting God’s plan, but I know that time is ticking for all of us, some of us don’t know when we’ll depart, while some of us do. Whether it’s good or bad, it solely relies on your mindset. All of us will return to God eventually.

The ups? Well, apart from a soul freeing decision, I passionately embraced music again through songwriting after years thanks to a God-sent omnipresence of a second chance. God’s timing was impeccable and I can see His fingerprints all over it with all the coincidences.

The angelic presence empowered me with the fortitude to share my songs which I have held closely to my chest ever since I began composing in 1997. It’s my favorite hobby albeit a creatively challenging one. My vocals are nowhere as good enough to be recorded professionally, but I hope someday opportunity will knock for me to be able to contribute to the music industry as a songwriter.

If I were to summarize 2013, it will be that God has given me a chance to switch gears, one that I have heartily accepted, and I look forward to 2014 with so much possibilities.

On that note, I shall share a song I wrote earlier this year, about me finding myself again where at one time everything looked bleak, and having the courage to switch gears.

Merry Christmas to my fellow readers, and thanks for reading my posts.