I am finally doing it. Despite the confidence I have about my voice. What a stroll down memory lane. This is one of my performances during my college years where my guitar accompanied me whenever I went to college and I performed for a number of shows (think it was 4 altogether). I first sang Def Leppard’s “When Love & Hate Collide, Bon Jovi’s “Always”, and my own composition, “Miss You Like Crazy” for a girl that I can say was my first true love as she inspired the songwriter in me.

I can’t recall the order of my next performances including this one, but I think the remaining 3 was in 1998. I sang Flying Picket’s “Only You” for one performance, and this one, Police’s “Every Breath You Take” (which I didn’t upload because I cannot believe that I sang the song without memorizing the words – but my couldn’t-care-less spunk was there to see – haha!) and a 60s medley (see below), and auditioned for Stamford’s Graduation night at Hilton KL, I sang Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” though it wasn’t my song of choice as the judges I auditioned for (I sang Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You” and got in) told me to sing it. I roped in traditional instruments like the sitar and tabla to add some cultural flavor to it with the help of 2 good friends of mine.

I’m quite nervous about sharing this, so please refrain from critical comments and know that I have a day job to fall back on! :-)