I never warmed up to the idea of a soulmate, although at one point in my life I had 2 best friends, over 10 years and over 5 years respectively, but circumstances plotted the end. Were they soulmates though?

The definition of soulmate according to Google:

A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

I think a soulmate is a reflection of the inner you, which you’re subconsciously suppressing from becoming the true you. A true soulmate radiates positive influence to change yourself to be the best that you can be so you can live the life you are born to live.

So what’s a best friend then? How is it different from a soulmate? They do sometimes intertwine but I think a best friend is someone you share everything with but doesn’t necessarily has the reflective traits that make you wanna be a better person. If you’re unable to see the inner and greater you in that person, then it’s very likely that the person’s a best friend and not a soulmate.

I don’t think I ever had a friend or a lover whom I could really call a “soulmate”, after observing a friend’s assemblage of soulmates, but I believe that we’ll encounter soulmates in our lives, at different times and places.

As we evolve, some soulmates may no longer be relevant to our lives because they were there to help us on our way at that point in time and place, like how the seasons come and go.

The universe brings us the right person based on where we are in our lives where we need to grow the most.

I think I may have found my first soulmate based on my definition of one who’s a reflection of the inner person that I strive to be.