3 powerful words that can shake the very foundation of our illusive thinking that money solves everything when it is the root of problems especially when we let it take control of our lives..

As human nature, we all pursue paper happiness. So we subconsciously over time let money define who we are, because we want that lifestyle. Money is one of the biggest stresses in life when we immerse ourselves in it.

If you can reduce your commitment, do it. Even if it’s something you want to continue with, think of it as a temporary cut to stop the money outflow until you’re at a better financial stage to take it on again. I think it’s A-OK to splurge every now and then because there’s no point in saving too much that you deny yourself in the process of getting what you need and then kick the bucket before you can enjoy the savings – get that guitar, get that vocal lesson, go for that holiday.

Sure, financial commitment is unavoidable and we may have made some mistakes in the past (either bad investment or not investing at all which is still bad investment), but we owe it to ourselves not to worry (that can lead to dispiritedness) because compared to life and love (which we should be focusing on in the first place), money’s a trivial matter.

Money doesn’t buy life. Money doesn’t buy love.

Because. It’s just money.