At some point in our lives we hit rock bottom. And just when we think it can’t get any worse, the floor collapses beneath our feet pushing us into a free fall. I heard many stories about people at the lowest points in their lives turning the tide on their fortunes by grabbing life by the balls.

In fact, through my mom I experienced rock bottom as a child when my dad died, leaving my mother, a housewife with 2 young kids, my brother 7 and me 9. The day they laid my dad’s coffin into the earth was the moment I saw my mother at the brink of losing it. But, the minute she laid eyes on us yielded a new and pivotal life-changing moment as we gave her hope to fight on no matter how difficult the odds were against us at that time. Her character change had a profound impact on me on the way I view the world – I became a young adult that day appreciating love and embracing emotions.

When you are at your darkest moments, there will come a turning point that ignites the flame within your soul to come out with guns blazing and vowing to strip away all the mediocrity that has been engulfing you.

You start questioning your beliefs, your motives, your fears, your reasons, your actions, your successes, your failures – and it’s from this point that you reboot with a revitalized attitude born out of your renewed sense of clarity and humility.

You then acknowledge that falling down is necessary for you to realize your actions that led to the downfall. You learn to let go of what’s not been working – people, things, ideas, opportunities. You start to declutter your soul by clearing your mind and then filling it back with what you actually need and want instead of what you have been accepting all these while.

Our rock bottoms differ from each other, we cannot compare our darkest moments with everyone else, but remember, we are masters of our destiny, and we have the power to change our circumstances with new beginnings by reinventing ourselves and embracing that change.

My mother did it. Her father did it. Their child did it. So can you.

“Some day I’ll be Saturday night, I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doin’ alright
It may not be tomorrow baby, that’s ok, I ain’t goin down, gonna find a way, hey hey hey

Hey, man I’m alive I’m takin each day and night at a time, Yeah I’m down, but I know I’ll get by
Hey hey hey hey man, gotta live my life, I’m gonna pick up all the pieces and what’s left of my pride
I’m feelin like a Monday, but someday I’ll be Saturday night” – Bon Jovi