There are some circumstances in life that’s beyond our control no how hard we try to control it.

Despite all my thoughts and words I have shared, I too have my moments of weakness, I’m just a mortal like everyone else just in case if you think I’m not.

At times I struggle to bestow positive vibes on myself as I allow the brain to present its logical arguments to do what it does to keep the heart safe.

I feel a downtime every now and then help our souls to be grounded after a hot air balloon ride of posivity.

It’s not a bad thing once in a while as life’s all about check and balances. If a moment of weakness hits, don’t fight it, let it takes it’s natural process to culminate and it will whittle away over a sleep or a few hours.

If it prolongs to a few days, then it’s a different story – time to reexamine your life and find out why you’re feeling that way and what you can do to shed it.
A moment of weakness though every now and then is what your heart subconsciously needs to develop your soul.