It’s easy to be angry. But, to be angry at the right degree, right way and a right time, it’s a Herculean task. With so much at stake these days in the rat race, it’s too easy for us to become irritated at the smallest of annoyances.

Keeping my cool has been my second nature for such a long time. However, in recent years, I became overwhelmed by anger that intensified over time which I failed to constrain and subsequently became infuriated with ease. I condemned what I’ve transformed as no matter how I attempted to justified my actions due to external influence, it’s still me who has complete control of my feelings.

I allowed anger to become a habit when it never was in the first place. From a fun person in general, to be consumed by anger as a reflection of the other party, and to finally losing my cool on my own with devastation.

What has happened to me? How did I get here? I knew the reasons but that’s not the point of this post. Bottomline is, I spent the last 5 months shaking it off by concentrating on non-fiery matters. It’s been a winning battle as I surrounded myself with the right people, the right love and the right mirror.

If you feel you’re growing green like Hulk, take a deep breath, walk away and simply count to 100 before you return with your next word as it’ll help you to keep your cool.